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Awarded 21st April 2020

Community Development Officer

Supporting the work of Llanedi Community Council in the villages of Tycroes, Llanedi and Hendy. 

Llanedi Community Council is committed to improving the lives of all our residents. To help us achieve this, we have developed community plans and employ a Community Development Officer whose role includes developing better ways of sharing information with the communities, supporting local groups to identify projects and grants, general public engagement, meeting the obligations of the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act, and working towards a new community facility in Hendy.

We are also actively supporting the community during COVID 19 through information, volunteers and links with the Foof Surplus Bank

Projects supported by the Community Council include:

  • All play areas in Llanedi, Tycroes and Hendy
  • Multi-use games areas within each community
  • Community Litter Picking Group
  • Christmas Lighting in all three communities
  • Llanedi Friendship Circle
  • Llanedi hanging baskets
  • Llanedi Church Hall
  • Tycroes Community Hall
  • Tycroes Square, clock and floral arrangements
  • Hendy Intergenerational Project
  • Hendy Forum
  • Hendy Natutre Trail
  • Hendy Reading Room/Community Cafe
  • Grants to community groups
  • Terry Price Youth Achievement Awards

We are keen to support the development of new community groups. Anyone with ideas is invited to contact the Community Development Officer (Ruth Taylor-Davies) on 0786 2218066, email LlanediCDO@gmail.com

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Through a band of volunteers, we can offer support to the lederly and vulnerable at this time, sich as shopping, prescription coillection etc. We are ... Read more

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