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Awarded 05th May 2020

Community Development Manager

I'm the Regional Manager at Tempo Time Credits working with our team across Wales to support communities. Tempo Time Credits is the largest time-based currency in the UK. We work in partnership with organisations across the UK to involve more people in their communities. 

When we work together, communities are built, lives are transformed, and positive change happens. Tempo Time Credits are a time-based currency that says ‘thank you’ to people who give their time to help out in their communities, support good causes, and shape the services they use. People earn Time Credits for volunteering in organisations that are part of the Tempo network.

Tempo Time Credits encourage more people to get involved in volunteering and enjoy the benefits it brings - like feeling healthier and happier, learning new skills, making new friends and gaining confidence.

Tempo Time Credits keep on giving

Volunteers spend Tempo Time Credits with our exciting and growing network of partners to try new hobbies, visit attractions for the first time or have fun with their family and friends. We’re supporting businesses to attract new audiences and to give back to their communities.

We know that everyone has something to give, and time is our most valuable asset. Join us to build stronger, happier communities, where we are all valued.

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