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Connect to Kindness is a regional campaign to encourage more people to be kind to each other. You can make a pledge, attend an online session, join our platform and help someone out - the campaign is here...and it starts with you! 

The campaigns 5 key messages are: 

  • Kindness is for everyone - kindness is inclusive, it knows no barriers or discrimination and is for everyone
  • Kindness is good for you - medical research has proven that being kind and, receiving kindness has a positive physical effect on us. 
  • Kindness connects us - it brings us together and helps us share 
  • Kindness protects us - it has been proven that being kind and receiving kindness helps us to live longer, happier lives
  • Kindness is inspiring - When others are kind, we are more likely to be kind ourselves

Click here to get started 

Updates from campaigns will appear here.

Get involved in activities, share on social networks, or yourself.

Get involved! 

Visit our website - www.connecttokindness.wales - check out the info and everything you can do to show your kindness. 

Support as an individual

Visit your profile on this platform and update it to show your support. Remember, if you make an exchange on here, you can tag it to show that your exchange supports the campaign. 

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Supply Teacher and also volunteer with my local community.
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I am an experienced and qualified teacher with extensive primary school teaching experience. I am currently a supply teacher and home tutor. I am a qualified youth worker. I am qualified to teach land based outdoor activities. Mountain leadership A ... Read more

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view member profile "Jackie Dorrian"
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Jackie Dorrian

Health & Wellbeing Officer
1 Activities
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10 Credits

I work for Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services (CAVS) as the Helath & Wellbeing Officer.  My role includes working with organsiations to ensure that we are supporting communities and individuals across the county. Organise the ... Read more

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