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Connect Carmarthenshire has been created to bring communities and individuals together – a place where you can offer or request help to / from your neighbours and the wider community. There is no buying or selling here, just people helping people.

Why have we created this platform?

Carmarthenshire is a vibrant and positive place and we know that there is a strong volunteering culture already amongst our residents. Connect Carmarthenshire is not a volunteering platform however, it is a timebank.

Timebanking lets you offer help to anyone in your 'community' (street, village, town or county) in exchange for time credits. You can then spend your earned credits requesting help from others or donate them to friends, relatives or organisations who may value them more.

So this is not the place for traditional volunteering – this is the place for small random acts of kindness between people in Carmarthenshire, based on the individual skill you have to offer or the specific problem you need to be solved.

Who are West Wales Care Partnership?

The West Wales Care Partnership operate across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. We are a collective of public and third (voluntary) sector organisations that include:

  • Pembrokeshire County Council
  • Carmarthenshire County Council
  • Ceredigion County Council
  • Hywel Dda Health Board
  • Public Health Wales
  • Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services
  • Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services
  • Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations

We have joined forces to create this platform for all citizens across West Wales. Currently, we are sustaining this platform and the efforts to resource it via the 'Transformation Fund'. We are always seeking useful partners to advance our work and are particularly interested in speaking to community minded private sector businesses.

Who is this platform for?

This platform is available to anyone who lives in Carmarthenshire. Our primary aim is to facilitate the exchange of offers and requests between people in all of our towns and villages.

We warmly invite applications from any volunteers living in Carmarthenshire who might be interested in the following roles (where you can also earn time credits):

How does it work?

You will need to complete a two-stage registration process to join the timebank:

  • Step 1: Register on this platform.
  • Step 2: Apply to join the timebank (we aim to approve all applications within 24 hours).

Once you have joined the timebank, you can post as many offers and requests as you like.

Joining the timebank means signing up to our timebank terms and conditions, which offer guidelines for keeping you and your loved ones safe. If you are requesting help on behalf of a vulnerable or elderly relative / neighbour / friend, please ensure you don’t reveal any personally identifiable information about them. Just describe what you need and where (broadly) you need it.

While we have guidelines and work upon the assumption that people will help one another to the best of their abilities, this is not a professional service and all activity takes place at your own risk.

Thanks for your support. Finally, if you are joining this timebank to help respond to recent events, please remember that together we can and will beat the Coronavirus.

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